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The gateway to all the embodied knowledge of humankind
It has been said that Google is the gateway to all the embodied knowledge and history of the human species. Ever! If one delves into the inner workings of Google one finds an amazingly complex and powerful beast, but a beast who’s power can be harnessed to accomplish fantastic things. Never before in the field of human endeavour has so much opportunity been made available to so many by so few (apologies to Winston Churchill).

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Ten years ago, to build a website like GeoResources Africa would have taken an army of coders months to develop, never mind the astronomical costs of doing so. Now there is a dude in San Francisco writing code for a programme which he posts on the net, sells it for a reasonable fee and the likes of me downloads it, tweaks it, fiddles with it, visits the support forum, and after much hard work and some frustration, launches GeoResources Africa.

The man in San Francisco’s genius is writing code, Google helps me find him, the internet gives me instant access to his fantastic product, and once the website is launched, access to literally tens of thousands of people. By posting an advert on say the GeoResources site you then have access to an equal number of business prospects, and Google is going to help them find you. Mind blowing when one thinks of it.

This is perhaps the most revolutionary thing that has befallen the human race since the invention of the wheel. It could be argued that it is more revolutionary, because it doesn’t need that kind of nuts and bolts technology to work. In other words I can email, post new information, hustle, hassle, talk, send images, documents, and generally have as large a web presence as I like without having to get out of bed. Not that I recommend the latter, but with wi-fi even that is possible. The New Entrepreneurs Robert Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame, says “Today people are being run over and made obsolete by technological innovation they cannot see and that they do not understand. Millions of people are unemployed because their skills set is no longer needed. They are obsolete.“ He goes on to predict that “young entrepreneurs equipped with low-cost PDA’s and access to the internet will soon rise out of shantytowns and transform the world.

The rich and complacent will find their world disturbed as young and hungry entrepreneurs change the future of the world….” So what are we going to do? We can of course stick our heads in the sand and hope that the problem goes away. Or we can take up the cudgels and start to fight the good fight. Firstly you need to get a good, search-engine optimised (SEO) website. It doesn’t have to have all the whistles and bells, but it needs good content, and good links. Google’s spiders and bots don’t care what the site looks like; they just track keywords and links.

Your stand-alone website, once up and running with all its lovely keywords will become exactly that – a stand-alone website. Standing alone out in the cold is not a great experience and it might in fact prove fatal. You need links to other websites, and a link for instance to GeoResources Africa would be perhaps your first step in becoming part of the world-wide Web.

A myth about the Web
I was listening to a report on our regional radio station about a web scam that had defrauded a number of people of thousands of Rands. The tone of the report was that the Internet was a vipers’ nest of dissent and fraudsters. And undoubtedly they are out there, but so are they in the everyday world. There is a myth, particularly here in South Africa, that buying things on the Internet with a credit card is a really dodgy thing to do. And yes, it can be if you aren’t careful. But every bona fide, reputable on-line business will make sure that the transaction is processed by a reputable financial service provider who ‘escrows’ the deal – whether it is PayPal, WorldPay or Setcom – who then pays out the service provider, ensuring that there is no fenukery going on.

So if, for example, PayPal wants to shoot itself in the foot by defrauding its customers it can, but this is short-term gain for long-term loss. The 1.5 % commission on the millions of deals escrowed by them on a daily basis has provided the man who developed it with enough cash to build commercial rockets and venture into hauling satellite payloads into space. He was educated at Pretoria Boys High. This is the phenomenal power of the internet and a clear illustration of how wrong the myth is. A call to action For those of you who don’t have a web presence, I urge you to rectify this forthwith. For those who do, but the website is languishing in the depths of neglect, fix it. Talk to your developer and get him (or her) to sort out the SEO. Build the links to other sites, go register with online directories – GeoResources, Gum Tree, Yellow Pages, Hot Frog, for example. You cannot afford to neglect this because your competition will be attending to their web presence, and in the brave new world of the information age, it is what Google has to say about you that counts, not your clients, competition or friends.

Go do it now by clicking here!

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