A Guarantee

Too much has been written by companies about their mission statements, quality assurance, their commitment to this and that, all underpinned by some hot shot slogan which is supposed to convey the ethos of the company. All well and good, but GeoZone has taken another approach.

What we hold dear is good quality work, finished within budget and on time. We have a duty of care to ensure that our data and interpretation thereof is good and accurate and that our recommendations are in the best interests of our clients and the project. Without attending to those fundamentals we are nothing. So we avoid the fanfare and the hollow promises of mission statements, but attempt to instil in our staff a commitment to quality. To take ownership of the job is paramount and in this regard staff development and mentoring is important to us, as it is upon them that the long term future of GeoZone rests.

We are ethical, constructive, pro active and try to work within the frameworks of best practice from a social, ethical and environmental point of view.

A Boiler-Plate Guarantee

We guarantee our work. If you, as the client, are unhappy with the quality of our work or service levels, then we will be happy not to charge you for our time. No small print, no ifs or buts, no nonsense, guaranteed!

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