GeoZone Lesotho

GeoZone Lesotho has partnered with Atlehang Capital and operates out of Maseru, providing geotechnical support to the diamond mines in the east of the country, as well as any local geotechnical support which may be required elsewhere.

We have had a long and happy association with Lesotho, dating back to Katse Dam days, and have been involved in that project and the subsequent Mohale Dam.  We have more recently assisted with the instrumentation for both of the dams.  In addition we supplied and partially installed the instruments in the recently completed Metolong Dam.

In terms of supporting the mines, we have assisted them with rock barring and rockfall protection systems to ensure the ongoing safety of the mining operation.

We know the conditions, understand the challenges, have local partnerships and are well placed to provide all the geotechnical, rock engineering and environmental support required by the country.  Lesotho is indeed our second home.

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