Mineral Exploration

GeoZone GeoService’s Exploration Division has the capacity to carry out mineral exploration including the integration of a number of different geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys to delineate mineral deposit targets, listed in more detail below.

  • Geological and Structural Mapping
    • Regional and detailed geological mapping and the creating of Raster and/or Vector imagery
  • Geophysical exploration surveys. Ground-based geophysical services include:
    • Magnetics
    • Gravity
    • IP
    • Resistivity
    • Seismics
  • Geochemical exploration surveys
    • Stream and soil sampling programmes within all terrains for both regional and detailed geochemical and heavy mineral sampling programmes.
    • Geological supervision and stringent quality control.
  • Geological and Exploration Data Interpretation and reporting
    • Data review, technical audits and independent assessments of exploration projects
      GIS database management.
  • Geological and Geotechnical Drilling Services
    • Logging of percussion drilled chips and core
    • Core/chip Sampling
    • Sample analyses and QA/QC procedures
    • Chain of Custody and SOP/COP compliance

Please email exploration(a)geozone.co.za or phone Lindi Fryer on +27(0)839996626 for more information.

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