Mineral Exploration

GeoZone GeoService’s Exploration Division has the capacity to carry out mineral exploration including the integration of a number of different geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys to delineate mineral deposit targets.

  • Fieldwork:
    • Deliver a results driven approach. With feedback as per the client’s needs
    • Rigorous in the follow up of Standard Operating Procedures, or Codes of Conduct
    • Transparent processing and seamless paper trails
  • Services include:
    • Detailed and regional soil sampling
    • Heavy Mineral Concentrate sampling
    • Geochemical rock (grab) sampling
    • Geological and structural mapping
    • Drilling management and core-logging
    • Geological and geotechnical core logging and associated sampling
    • Ground geophysics and radiometrics
  • License and Tenement Management:
    • Land and tenement management by the implementation of various online portals
    • Report preparation for submittal to Geological, Environmental, and other Government Departments
  • Quality Assessment and Quality Control Services:
    • Sample analyses and QA/QC procedures
    • Chain of custody and SOP/COP compliance
    • Setting up and management of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Exploration Project Management and Reporting:
    • GeoZone can manage the operational, logistical, budgetary and technical planning for all exploration stages
    • Fieldwork, data collection and capture, assessment interpretation and reporting can be personalized to clients requirements to meet JORC, 43-101, or any other regulatory requirements
  • Desktop Assessments and Due Diligence Studies:
    • Local to regional scale background and historical research tailored to the clients requirements
    • Government Archive searches unique to each Project
    • Assistance with the technical assessment of existing or potential projects
    • Comprehensive project appraisals to establish a projects assets and liabilities and to evaluate its commercial potential

Please email lindi(a)geozone.co.za or phone Lindi Fryer on +27(0)83 999 6626 for more information.

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