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What price safety? What price protection of infrastructure? Rock Africa is in a unique situation to assist in improving safety and reducing liability by providing cost effective solutions to infrastructural challenges, whether they are of a mining or civil engineering nature. We manage this through our partnership with Geobrugg Switzerland and our strategic partners here in southern Africa. We have the perfect solution to a host of geotechnical challenges ranging from preventing rockfalls to installing tunnel support.

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GeoZone GeoServices, under the banner of her sister company Rock Africa provides a rockfall protection service to the mining and civil engineering industry. Rock Africa is affiliated with Geobrugg Switzerland who manufacture, test, advise and if needed install rockfall protection systems throughout the world.

Watch a short video of the RXI Barrier in action.

Geobrugg is indisputably the world leader in developing and testing rockfall barriers and their specifications have been included in the European standards for these types of installations.

South Africa’s flagship installation were the catch fences on Chapman’s Peak Drive, but Geobrugg supplies a range of other products, most notably Teccomesh and Spider made from high tensile, galvanised wire which exceed the performance of standard hex mesh and are eminently suitable for stabilising rock slopes and in some instances obviate the need for shotcrete.

Rock Africa has the capability to design, supply and install these products in any environment and anywhere in Africa thanks to its strategic partnerships and its close relationship with Geobrugg.  For more information on Rock Africa, please click here.

The Chapman’s Peak Drive upgrade is the flagship project for Geobrugg products in South Africa, and the product is finding increasing applications in mines and civil engineering projects throughout the subcontinent. Few can fault the Swiss’ commitment to technical excellence and innovation, and Rock Africa is proud to be the southern African agents for the product. We have the capacity to supply, engineer and install Geobrugg products throughout the SADC region and beyond, and look forward to providing you with cost effective engineering solutions.

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