Aggregates & Borrow Materials

GeoZone GeoServices has considerable experience in sourcing aggregate sources for quarries and borrow materials for road constuction.  We have managed the process from reconnaiscance, field mapping, drilling, logging, sampling, volume calculations and reporting.  Much of our work has been sourcing G5 materials for road construction, as well as lower spec products for subbase, selected layer and general fills.  We have established good working relationships with the South African laboratories and are able to schedule and analyse laboratory data to determine the suitability of various geological materials for road building.

GeoZone GeoServices Exploration Drilling

In terms of our quarry expertise, we have carried out exploration programmes for  tillite, dolerite, granite gneiss and sandstone, assessing not only the geological aspects of the materials but also how the deposit relate to the environment, including such issues as affected communities, groundwater, environmental, the locations of graves, access roads and distance to market.  We are au fait with the necessary standards for road and concrete aggregates and can carry out the necessary assessments of whether a potential deposit satisfies the requirements for aggregate.

We have also had experience of sourcing materials for dam construction, including the suitability of materials for filters and core construction.

GeoZone GeoServices Particle Size Distribution Dam Engineering

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