Foundation Design

Numerous books, papers, and university theses have been written on this subject. It is vast and ranges from simple strip footings for low-cost houses to a fully fledged pile design for multi-storey office towers of the ilk which appear to mushroom overnight in places like Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. Whatever the project, the need for good geotechnical input is never diminished, as it is only by knowing the shear strength parameters of the substrate, the depth to a suitable bearing medium and the location of the water table, can a satisfactory foundation design be arrived at. Grey areas lead to overdesign with associated cost implications. Far better to spend a little more on the geotechnical investigation and make significant savings on concrete and steel during the construction phase.

GeoZone GeoServices Piling Rigs

We all now know the importance of a good geotechnical model of a site, and armed with this knowledge, GeoZone is able to provide a foundation design service for any project. Whether it is a raft foundations for a low-cost housing devopment or a pile design for that multi-storey structure, we are able to assist. All our work is checked by that doyen of South African geotechnics, Dr DL Webb, and it is always reassuring to be able to rely on his sage advice and in excess of 40 years experience.

In addition we are able to provide recommendations for the construction of retaining walls including bearing capacities and active and passive earth pressures.

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