Retaining Wall Design & Construction

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Need a retaining wall?  If the circumstances allow, a dry stack (Loffelstein) solution may be your answer.  However if not designed or constructed properly they can prove to be a disaster. Attention needs to be given to the slope angles, the engineering properties of the soils, the nature of the backfill material, the founding conditions for the concrete footing, the size of the blocks and the drainage behind the wall.  Neglect of any one of these parameters can lead to failure, and a combination of neglect can be downright dangerous.  Heavy and sudden downpours always lead to failure of poorly engineered walls with associated damage to infrastructure and property.

So let us do it properly.  With our geotechnical engineering skills and experience in building these kinds of walls we can provide a one stop shop for the design and construction of a retaining wall that will add value to your project and ensure its long term stability.

Contact us for more details on how we can assist you.

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